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Will it rise or will it fall? Managing the complex effects of urbanization on base flow

AS Bhaskar, L Beesley, MJ Burns, TD Fletcher, P Hamel, CE Oldham, AH Roy



Sustaining natural levels of base flow is critical to maintaining ecological function as stream catchments are urbanized. Stream base flow responds variably to urbanization. Base flow or water tables rise in some locations, fall in others, or remain constant. This variable response is the result of the array of natural (e.g., physiographic setting and climate) and anthropogenic (e.g., urban development and infrastructure) factors that influence hydrology. Perhaps because of this complexity, few simple tools exist to assist managers to predict baseflow change in their local urban area. We address this management need by presenting a decision-support tool that can be used to predict the likeli..

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Awarded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the organizers of the 3rd Symposium for Urban Stream Ecology (SUSE3, May 2014, Portland, USA), S. Wenger, K. Capps, R. El-Sabaawi, K. Jones, T. Parr, A. Ramirez, A. Roy, R. Smith, and C. Walsh because the symposium led directly to the development of this paper. Funding for the SUSE3 meeting and this article was provided by National Science Foundation (NSF) award number DEB 1427007. We acknowledge that this collaboration could not have been achieved without the internet sharing tools of Doodle, Dropbox, and FlashMeeting! We thank Carlos Ocampo for valuable discussion around the concepts of this manuscript and for his specific comments on earlier drafts and Dianna Hogan and 2 anonymous referees for helpful comments on the manuscript. TDF was supported by an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT100100144), and ASB was supported by an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (EAR 1349815). Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the US Government.