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Beyond YouTube: Sharing Personal Digital Stories on a Community Display

H Davis, J WAYCOTT, S Zhou, B Ploderer (ed.), M Carter (ed.), M Gibbs (ed.), W Smith (ed.), F Vetere (ed.)

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Australian Special Interest Group for Computer Human Interaction | Association for Computing Machinery | Published : 2015


Video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have been used to share videos that describe difficult life experiences, and provide a forum for people living with adversity to express themselves and connect with others. This may not benefit those who require support in building local connections, however, as audiences are unknown and may not be supportive of content. In this paper we present findings from a project that investigated how creating and sharing digital stories in local community settings could help build a sense of connection for those who are housebound and unable to participate in community activities. This paper outlines two interlinked studies. Study One describes an analysis..

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