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The biological significance of brain barrier mechanisms: help or hindrance in drug delivery to the central nervous system?

Norman R Saunders, Mark D Habgood, Kjeld Møllgård, Katarzyna M Dziegielewska

F1000Res | Published : 2016


Barrier mechanisms in the brain are important for its normal functioning and development. Stability of the brain's internal environment, particularly with respect to its ionic composition, is a prerequisite for the fundamental basis of its function, namely transmission of nerve impulses. In addition, the appropriate and controlled supply of a wide range of nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, monocarboxylates, and vitamins is also essential for normal development and function. These are all cellular functions across the interfaces that separate the brain from the rest of the internal environment of the body. An essential morphological component of all but one of the barriers is the presen..

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