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The IIb-IIIa glycoprotein complex that mediates platelet aggregation is directly implicated in leukocyte adhesion.

GF Burns, L Cosgrove, T Triglia, JA Beall, AF López, JA Werkmeister, CG Begley, AP Haddad, AJ d'Apice, MA Vadas

Cell | Published : 1986


Evidence is presented that the IIb-IIIa glycoprotein complex, which functions as the receptor for fibrinogen on platelets and is central to platelet aggregation, is expressed on the surface of leukocytes where it may function as a receptor for fibronectin. F(ab')2 fragments of a monoclonal antibody, 25E11, raised against activated large granular lymphocytes, inhibited killing by natural killer cells, blocked the binding of fibronectin-coated particles by monocytes, and stimulated neutrophils to exhibit increased antibody-dependent killing. Immunoprecipitation studies of leukocytes and platelets, and the ability of 25E11 to inhibit platelet aggregation, identified the antigen as an epitope on..

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