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Prebiotic-supplemented partially hydrolysed cow's milk formula for the prevention of eczema in high-risk infants: a randomized controlled trial

RJ Boyle, ML-K Tang, WC Chiang, MC Chua, I Ismail, A Nauta, J O'B Hourihane, P Smith, M Gold, J Ziegler, J Peake, P Quinn, R Rao, N Brown, A Rijnierse, J Garssen, JO Warner

ALLERGY | WILEY | Published : 2016


BACKGROUND: Prevention guidelines for infants at high risk of allergic disease recommend hydrolysed formula if formula is introduced before 6 months, but evidence is mixed. Adding specific oligosaccharides may improve outcomes. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether partially hydrolysed whey formula containing oligosaccharides (0.8 g/100 ml) (pHF-OS) can prevent eczema in high-risk infants [ISRCTN65195597]. METHODS: We conducted a parallel-group, multicentre, randomized double-blind controlled trial of pHF-OS vs standard cow's milk formula. Infants with a family history of allergic disease were randomized (stratified by centre/maternal allergy) to active (n = 432) or control (n = 431) formula until ..

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