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Search for new physics in lepton plus photon plus X events with 929 pb(-1) of pp collisions at root s=1.96 TeV

A Abulencia, J Adelman, T Affolder, T Akimoto, MG Albrow, D Ambrose, S Amerio, D Amidei, A Anastassov, K Anikeev, A Annovi, J Antos, M Aoki, G Apollinari, J-F Arguin, T Arisawa, A Artikov, W Ashmanskas, A Attal, F Azfar Show all



We present results of a search at CDF in 929±56pb-1 of pp̄ collisions at 1.96 TeV for the anomalous production of events containing a high-transverse momentum charged lepton (ℓ, either e or μ) and photon (γ), accompanied by missing transverse energy (E T), and/or additional leptons and photons, and jets (X). We use the same selection criteria as in a previous CDF Run I search, but with an order-magnitude larger data set, a higher pp̄ collision energy, and the CDF II detector. We find 163 ℓγE T+X events, compared to an expectation of 150.6±13.0 events. We observe 74 ℓγ+X events, compared to an expectation of 65.1±7.7 events. We find no events similar to the Run I eeγγE T event. © 2007 The Ame..

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