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Substance P, bombesin, and leucine-enkephalin immunoreactivities are restored in the frog tectum after optic nerve regeneration.

MF Humphrey, GM Renshaw, PD Kitchener, LD Beazley

J Comp Neurol | Published : 1995


Extensive regeneration of the optic nerve takes place in adult Amphibia. In this study, we have determined whether one aspect of retinotectal organisation, namely immunoreactive laminae in the retinorecipient layers of the optic tectum, is restored after optic nerve regeneration. To do so, the distributions of substance-P, bombesin, and leucine-enkephalin immunoreactivities were examined in the optic tectum of the frog Litoria (Hyla) moorei. Results of a normal series were compared with those at intervals up to 84 days and at 196 days after either unilateral deafferentation or optic nerve crush. In the normal series, distinct neuropeptide immunoreactive laminae were located within the retino..

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