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Generalization in IS research: A critique of the conflicting positions of Lee & Baskerville and Tsang & Williams

PB Seddon, R Scheepers

Formulating Research Methods for Information Systems: Volume 1 | Palgrave Macmillan UK | Published : 2015


© Journal of Information Technology (JIT) 2015. All rights reserved This paper is a companion to the paper on generalization in IS research by Williams and Tsang published in this edition of the Journal of Information Technology. Its purpose is to discuss the implications of the robust exchange of views about the meaning of the term ”generalization” in four papers, two by Lee and Baskerville, and two by Tsang and Williams. The objectives of this paper are, first, to help the reader understand the issues by summarizing the arguments in the various papers, and second, to assess the implications of the debate for future IS research. Our conclusion is that when the papers are interpreted from th..

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