Journal article

Arc-parallel extrusion of the Timor sector of the Banda arc-continent collision

Brendan Duffy, Mark Quigley, Ron Harris, Uwe Ring



Awarded by Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

Helpful reviews and editorial comments from Mike Taylor, Lothar Ratschbacher, and an anonymous reviewer greatly improved this manuscript. Bedding and fault kinematic data were plotted using StereoWin and FaultKinWin software by Rick Allmendinger. This work was supported by a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Research Council grant to Quigley (Fast-start grant M1137), a Tertiary Education Commission Top Achiever scholarship to Duffy, and U.S. National Science Foundation grants to Harris. We thank Norberta da Costa and her staff in the Secretariat for Energy and Natural Resources (SERN) in Dili for their continuing support for our research in Timor Leste. Jhony Suares, Lamberto Fernandes, Jhony Rheis, Andy Monteiro, Atino Varela, Lourenco Pedro, Cecilia, and Nabe all provided valuable field assistance and local knowledge. We thank the local administrators and community leaders for their hospitality and access to field areas. We thank Aaron Benincasa for his friendship and logistic support. We enjoyed discussions in the field with James Shulmeister, Mike Sandiford, Douwe Van Hinsbergen, Louise Moody, Richard Bakker, David Haig, and Myra Keep.