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Effects of nutritional manipulation on body composition in the developing marsupial, Macropus eugenii

Jennifer A Hetz, Brandon R Menzies, Geoffrey Shaw, Aneta Stefanidis, Michael A Cowley, Marilyn B Renfree



When 60-day-old tammar wallaby pouch young (Macropus eugenii) are fostered to mothers at 120 days of lactation, their growth, developmental rate and maturation of their GH/IGF axes are markedly accelerated. To determine the effect of fostering on energy intake, body composition and fat accretion, we first measured total body fat and lean mass in these young. Next, we mimicked the triglyceride oleic and palmitic acid composition of 120-day milk by supplementing 60 day young with these fatty acids and comparing their growth with that of growth accelerated young. There was no difference in the weight or growth axis maturation of supplemented young but there was significantly more body fat in th..

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Awarded by ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Grant

Awarded by University of Melbourne

Awarded by Becas CONYCIT, Programa de Formacion de Capital Humano Avanzado

Funding Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Scott Brownlees for assistance in catching and managing the animals. This research was supported by an ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Grant to MBR (DP120101797) a Centenary Fellowship and Early Career Researcher Grant from the University of Melbourne (501392) to BRM and Becas CONYCIT, Programa de Formacion de Capital Humano Avanzado to JAH (72100221).