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i-bodies, Human Single Domain Antibodies That Antagonize Chemokine Receptor CXCR4

Katherine Griffiths, Olan Dolezal, Benjamin Cao, Susan K Nilsson, Heng B See, Kevin DG Pfleger, Michael Roche, Paul R Gorry, Andrew Pow, Katerina Viduka, Kevin Lim, Bernadine GC Lu, Denison HC Chang, Thomas Murray-Rust, Marc Kvansakul, Matthew A Perugini, Con Dogovski, Marcel Doerflinger, Yuan Zhang, Kathy Parisi Show all

Journal of Biological Chemistry | AMER SOC BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INC | Published : 2016


Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by a CSIRO OCE Science Leader Fellowship (to S. K. N.). The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is supported by grants from the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Government. K. Lim, J. L. Casey, K. Parisi, and M. Foley are shareholders in Adalta. K. Griffiths, T. Murray-Rust, and M. Foley are currently employed by Adalta. A. Pow, K. Viduka, K. Lim, B. G. C. Lu, D. H. C. Chang, K. Parisi, and J. Casey are former employees of Adalta. All authors or institutions received payment or services from a third party to conduct the research reported here. Some authors have non-financial relationships with entities in the biomedical arena that could be perceived to influence, or that give the appearance of potentially influencing, what is written in this work. K. G. and S. D. N. have an issued patent relating to the reported work, and K. G., A. P., K. V., and M. F. have a pending patent relating to the reported work.