Thesis / Dissertation

An Acoustic and Aerodynamic Analysis of Consonant Articulation in Bininj Gun-wok

H STOAKES, JM Fletcher (ed.), AR Butcher (ed.)

Published : 2013


This thesis is an acoustic and physiological phonetic analysis of the consonant system in Bininj Gun-wok (BGW), an Australian language spoken in North Western Arnhem Land. The primary aim of this thesis is to provide a detailed phonetic description of an Australian language looking at the articulation of intervocalic stops and nasals. This investigation examines a number of phonological contrasts in the language that have not had prior phonetic investigation. The analysis is divided into three experiments, the first two of which focus on differences in length and strength between stop series in BGW. The third experiment examines patterns of coarticulation within nasals. The materials used ..

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