Journal article

Distinctive patterns of microRNA expression in primary muscular disorders

Iris Eisenberg, Alal Eran, Ichizo Nishino, Maurizio Moggio, Costanza Lamperti, Anthony A Arnato, Hart G Lidov, Peter B Kang, Kathryn N North, Stella Mitrani-Rosenbaum, Kevin M Flanigan, Lori A Neely, Duncan Whitney, Alan H Beggs, Isaac S Kohane, Louis M Kunkel

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | NATL ACAD SCIENCES | Published : 2007


The primary muscle disorders are a diverse group of diseases caused by various defective structural proteins, abnormal signaling molecules, enzymes and proteins involved in posttranslational modifications, and other mechanisms. Although there is increasing clarification of the primary aberrant cellular processes responsible for these conditions, the decisive factors involved in the secondary pathogenic cascades are still mainly obscure. Given the emerging roles of microRNAs (miRNAs) in modulation of cellular phenotypes, we searched for miRNAs regulated during the degenerative process of muscle to gain insight into the specific regulation of genes that are disrupted in pathological muscle con..

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