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Reduced plasma membrane expression of dysferlin mutants is attributed to accelerated endocytosis via a syntaxin-4-associated pathway

FJ Evesson, RA Peat, A Lek, F Brilot, HP Lo, RC Dale, RG Parton, KN North, ST Cooper

Journal of Biological Chemistry | Published : 2010


Ferlins are an ancient family of C2 domain-containing proteins, with emerging roles in vesicular trafficking and human disease. Dysferlin mutations cause inherited muscular dystrophy, and dysferlin also shows abnormal plasma membrane expression in other forms of muscular dystrophy. We establish dysferlin as a short-lived (protein half-life ∼4-6 h) and transitory transmembrane protein (plasma membrane half-life ∼3 h), with a propensity for rapid endocytosis when mutated, and an association with a syntaxin-4 endocytic route. Dysferlin plasma membrane expression and endocytic rate is regulated by the C2B-FerI-C2C motif, with a critical role identified for C2C. Disruption of C2C dramatically red..

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