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Inner-outer interaction predictive model for wall-bounded turbulence subjected to pressure gradient effect

R Mathis, I Marusic, N HUTCHINS, JP Monty, Z Harun

International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena | Published : 2015


In an early work, Marusic, Mathis & Hutchins (2010) developed a model ables to reconstruct the streamwise turbulence fluctuation of the inner-layer in zero-pressuregradient, flat-plate, turbulent boundary layer. The originality of this model, which is based on scales interaction, is that it requires as input only one localised information (e.g. one measurement point) about large-scale log-region events. The present study is dedicated to the model's assessment under pressure gradient effects. Results show the need to undertake the calibration when change in external conditions occurs, pointing out the non-universality of the model's parameters (Adrian, 2010). This preliminary work shows that ..

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