Journal article

Neural mass model-based tracking of anesthetic brain states

L Kuhlmann, DR Freestone, JH Manton, B Heyse, HEM Vereecke, T Lipping, MMRF Struys, DTJ Liley

NeuroImage | Elsevier | Published : 2016


Abstract Neural mass model-based tracking of brain states from electroencephalographic signals holds the promise of simultaneously tracking brain states while inferring underlying physiological changes in various neuroscientific and clinical applications. Here, neural mass model-based tracking of brain states using the unscented Kalman filter applied to estimate parameters of the Jansen–Rit cortical population model is evaluated through the application of propofol-based anesthetic state monitoring. In particular, 15 subjects underwent propofol anesthesia induction from awake to anesthetised while behavioral responsiveness was monitored and frontal electroencephalographic signals were recorde..

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