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TRM6/61 connects PKC alpha with translational control through tRNA(i)(Met) stabilization: impact on tumorigenesis

F Macari, Y El-houfi, G Boldina, H Xu, S Khoury-Hanna, J Ollier, L Yazdani, G Zheng, I Bieche, N Legrand, D Paulet, S Durrieu, A Bystrom, S Delbecq, B Lapeyre, L Bauchet, J Pannequin, F Hollande, T Pan, M Teichmann Show all



Accumulating evidence suggests that changes of the protein synthesis machinery alter translation of specific mRNAs and participate in malignant transformation. Here we show that protein kinase C α (PKCα) interacts with TRM61, the catalytic subunit of the TRM6/61 tRNA methyltransferase. The TRM6/61 complex is known to methylate the adenosine 58 of the initiator methionine tRNA (tRNAi(Met)), a nuclear post-transcriptional modification associated with the stabilization of this crucial component of the translation-initiation process. Depletion of TRM6/61 reduced proliferation and increased death of C6 glioma cells, effects that can be partially rescued by overexpression of tRNAi(Met). In contras..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was generously supported by the Institut National du Cancer (INCa) and the Fondation ARC. We thank Martial Seveno, Serge Urbach and Edith Demettre from the 'Plate-forme de Proteomique Fonctionnelle' (FPP) for their work on proteomic analysis of cell samples. We thank the Gustave Roussy Genomic Core Facility (Noemie Pata-Merci) and the Gustave Roussy Bioinformatic Core Facility (Guillaume Meurice). ASB is supported by grants from the Swedish Cancer Foundation (13 0301), Swedish Research Council (621-2012-3576) and Karin and Harald Silvanders Foundation (223-2808-12).