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Targeted therapeutic mild hypercapnia after cardiac arrest: A phase II multi-centre randomised controlled trial (the CCC trial)

Glenn M Eastwood, Antoine G Schneider, Satoshi Suzuki, Leah Peck, Helen Young, Aiko Tanaka, Johan Martensson, Stephen Warrillow, Shay McGuinness, Rachael Parke, Eileen Gilder, Lianne Mccarthy, Pauline Galt, Gopal Taori, Suzanne Eliott, Tammy Lamac, Michael Bailey, Nerina Harley, Deborah Barge, Carol L Hodgson Show all



BACKGROUND: In intensive care observational studies, hypercapnia after cardiac arrest (CA) is independently associated with improved neurological outcome. However, the safety and feasibility of delivering targeted therapeutic mild hypercapnia (TTMH) for such patients is untested. METHODS: In a phase II safety and feasibility multi-centre, randomised controlled trial, we allocated ICU patients after CA to 24h of targeted normocapnia (TN) (PaCO2 35-45mmHg) or TTMH (PaCO2 50-55mmHg). The primary outcome was serum neuron specific enolase (NSE) and S100b protein concentrations over the first 72h assessed in the first 50 patients surviving to day three. Secondary end-points included global measure..

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