Journal article

The 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence: Environmental effects, seismic triggering thresholds and geologic legacy

Mark C Quigley, Matthew W Hughes, Brendon A Bradley, Sjoerd van Ballegooy, Catherine Reid, Justin Morgenroth, Travis Horton, Brendan Duffy, Jarg R Pettinga



Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the New Zealand Earthquake Commission for the financial support via Capability Funding for this research. In particular Dr. Richard Smith and Dr. Hugh Cowan are thanked for their enthusiastic support of this research. Additional funding from the New Zealand Natural Hazards platform (M.H. and B.B) and the Royal Society of New Zealand (M.Q and B.B) is also acknowledged. We thank Paul White from GNS Science for provision of 1856 ecosystem data. We are, indebted to many of our research postgraduate students for their inspiring efforts to convert earthquake trauma into scientific legacy, in particular we acknowledge Dr. Timothy Stahl, Dr. Eric Bilderback, Dr. Narges Khajavi, Sarah Bastin, Sharon Hornblow, and Duncan Noble. Our collective understanding of earthquakes has profited via collaborative research and discussions with Kevin Furlong, Benjamin Mackey, Russ van Dissen, Nicola Litchfield, Andy Nicol, Pilar Villamor, David Barrell, Russell Green, Martitia Tuttle, Sandy Steacy, Yong-Gang Li, Simon Cox, Chris Massey, and the late John Beavan, amongst many others. We dedicate this research article to the people of Canterbury.