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A cluster-randomised controlled trial of values-based training to promote autonomously held recovery values in mental health workers

Virginia Williams, Frank P Deane, Lindsay G Oades, Trevor P Crowe, Joseph Ciarrochi, Retta Andresen

Implementation Science | BMC | Published : 2016


BACKGROUND: The implementation and use of evidence-based practices is a key priority for recovery-oriented mental health service provision. Training and development programmes for employees continue to be a key method of knowledge and skill development, despite acknowledged difficulties with uptake and maintenance of behaviour change. Self-determination theory suggests that autonomy, or a sense that behaviour is self-generated, is a key motivator to sustained behaviour change, in this case practices in mental health services. This study examined the utility of values-focused staff intervention as a specific, reproducible method of autonomy support. METHODS: Mental health workers (n = 146) we..

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