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The WZNW model on PSU(1,1|2)

Gerhard Gotz, Thomas Quella, Volker Schomerus

The Journal of High Energy Physics | Springer | Published : 2007


According to the work of Berkovits, Vafa and Witten, the non-linear sigma model on the supergroup PSU(1,1|2) is the essential building block for string theory on AdS3 × S3 × T4. Models associated with a non-vanishing value of the RR flux can be obtained through a psu(1,1|2) invariant marginal deformation of the WZNW model on PSU(1,1|2). We take this as a motivation to present a manifestly psu(1,1|2) covariant construction of the model at the Wess-Zumino point, corresponding to a purely NSNS background 3-form flux. At this point the model possesses an enhanced psu(1,1|2) current algebra symmetry whose representation theory, including explicit character formulas, is developed systematically in..

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