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Reduction in expression of the benign AR transcriptome is a hallmark of localised prostate cancer progression

Ryan Stuchbery, Geoff Macintyre, Marek Cmero, Laurence M Harewood, Justin S Peters, Anthony J Costello, Christopher M Hovens, Niall M Corcoran



BACKGROUND: Despite the importance of androgen receptor (AR) signalling to prostate cancer development, little is known about how this signalling pathway changes with increasing grade and stage of the disease. OBJECTIVE: To explore changes in the normal AR transcriptome in localised prostate cancer, and its relation to adverse pathological features and disease recurrence. DESIGN: Publically accessible human prostate cancer expression arrays as well as RNA sequencing data from the prostate TCGA. Tumour associated PSA and PSAD were calculated for a large cohort of men (n=1108) undergoing prostatectomy. OUTCOME MEASUREMENTS AND STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: We performed a meta-analysis of the expressio..

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