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Experimental evidence of the modulation of a plane wave to oblique perturbations and generation of rogue waves in finite water depth

A Toffoli, L Fernandez, J Monbaliu, M Benoit, E Gagnaire-Renou, JM Lefevre, L Cavaleri, D Proment, C Pakozdi, CT Stansberg, T Waseda, M Onorato

Physics of Fluids | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2013


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Funding Acknowledgements

This work has been supported by the European Community's Sixth Framework Programme through the grant to the budget of the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative HYDRALAB IV within the Transnational Access Activities, Contract No. 022441. F.W.O. Project G.0333.09 and E.U. Project EXTREME SEAS (Contract No. SCP8-GA-2009-234175) are also acknowledged. L.F. and J.M. acknowledge the Hercules Foundation and the Flemish Government department EWI for providing access to the Flemish Supercomputer Center. L.C. acknowledges the support of the MyWave EU funded FP7-SPACE-2011-1/CP-FP Project.