Conference Proceedings

Dangerous sea-states for marine operations

A Toffoli, J Monbaliu, JM Lefěvre, E Bitner-Gregersen, JS Chung (ed.), K Izumiyama (ed.), M Sayed (ed.)

Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference | International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers | Published : 2004


A ship that founders represents a great disaster both from an economical and a human point of view. Although several can be the causes of shipping accidents, casualties may occur due to unexpected sea conditions that can cause the unability to keep the ship under proper control. Assuming that these dangerous sea-states will only occur if the sea conditions are fairly rough, accidents due to heavy weather were consequently looked at. Although rather low sea-states were recorded during the events, there were indications that rapid developments of the sea-states and particular combination of wind sea and swell might have played an important role. Copyright © 2004 by The International Society of..

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