Conference Proceedings

Freak Waves: Clues for Prediction in Ship Accidents?

A Toffoli, JM Lefevre, J Monbaliu, H Savina, E Bitner-Gregersen, JS Chung (ed.), S Prinsenberg (ed.)

Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference | The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers | Published : 2003


Description of freak waves is not only important for design work but also for operational purposes it would be of benefit if warnings could be given to mariners. Meteo-centers already provide wave forecast based on spectral wave model. Although a spectrum gives some average description of the sea-state, it might contain additional information indicating an increased probability of occurrence of exceptional waves. To this end a database with 650 ship accidents was extracted from Lloyd's Marine Information Service database. Their study may help in identifying the ocean areas more prone to bad weather in general and abnormal waves in particular.

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