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Central relaxin-3 receptor (RXFP3) activation increases ERK phosphorylation in septal cholinergic neurons and impairs spatial working memory

Hector Albert-Gasco, Alvaro Garcia-Aviles, Salma Moustafa, Sandra Sanchez-Sarasua, Andrew L Gundlach, Francisco E Olucha-Bordonau, Ana M Sanchez-Perez

Brain Structure and Function | SPRINGER HEIDELBERG | Published : 2017

University of Melbourne Researchers



Awarded by NHMRC (Australia)

Awarded by Generalitat Valenciana

Awarded by Universitat Jaume I

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by a predoctoral fellowship (FPI-UJI: PREDOC/2014/35) to HAG; a traineeship fellowship (UJI P1.1A2014-06) to AGA; the FP7-PEOPLE-IRSES PIRSES-GA-2012-318997 NEUREN project to ALG and FEO-B; NHMRC (Australia) project grants (1027522, 1026939) and a Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (USA) NARSAD Independent Investigator Award to ALG; Generalitat Valenciana (AICO/2015/042) project grant and Universitat Jaume I (P1.1A2014-06) project grant to AMS.