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Early angiosperm diversification in the Albian of southeast Australia: implications for flowering plant radiation across eastern Gondwana

Vera A Korasidis, Barbara E Wagstaff, Stephen J Gallagher, Ian R Duddy, Anne-Marie P Tosolini, David J Cantrill, Martin S Norvick



This study provides the first record of the high diversity and abundance of Victoria's earliest angiosperms from outcrops in the non-marine upper Eumeralla Formation of the Otway Basin. The biostratigraphic schemes established for the Albian of Australia are re-evaluated using more reliable and widespread index species, resulting in the construction of a high-resolution Albian biostratigraphy in the Otway Basin. New localities in the uppermost outcrop of the Eumerella Formation contain spore–pollen assemblages that cannot be placed in the existing scheme and a new Upper Phimopollenites pannosus Subzone is recognised. The correlation of the P. pannosus Zone to the geochronological timescale w..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Geoscience Australia, the Melbourne Museum and Queensland Museum for the loan of slides and reference material. We would particularly like to thank John Laurie, David Pickering, Kristen Spring and Mary Dettmann who facilitated these loans. We would also like to thank Global Geolab Limited for altering their standard processing techniques. We are also grateful to Malcolm Wallace and the two anonymous reviewers for constructive and helpful comments on the manuscript. The statistical contributions made by Clinton Alexander are also appreciated. Robert Hills collected pollen samples from Devils Kitchen. Emma Lewis gave valuable help with scanning electron microscopy. Alan Tait and Jane Lindsay also helped with fieldwork. We would like to acknowledge that this project was partially funded by a Bicentennial Gold 88 Endowment. ARC Linkage grant LP0989203 funded this research with industry partners Lakes Oil N.L., Nexus Energy and Geotrack International Pty. Ltd.