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Public attitudes towards the use of transgenic forest trees: a crosscountry pilot survey

Vassiliki Kazana, Lambros Tsourgiannis, Valasia Iakovoglou, Christos Stamatiou, Alexander Alexandrov, Susana Araujo, Sasa Bogdan, Gregor Bozic, Robert Brus, Gerd Bossinger, Anastasia Boutsimea, Nevenka Celepirovic, Helena Cvrckova, Matthias Fladung, Mladen Ivankovic, Angelos Kazaklis, Paraskevi Koutsona, Zlata Luthar, Pavlina Machova, Jana Mala Show all

iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry | SISEF-SOC ITALIANA SELVICOLTURA ECOL FORESTALE | Published : 2016


Awarded by EU

Awarded by Gregor Bozic the Slovenian Research Agency

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge the support of the EU COST Action FP0905 on "Biosafety of forest transgenic trees: improving the scientific basis for safe tree development and implementation of EU policy directives". The authors would like also to thank all the students of the following Universities who participated in the survey: 1. Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania; 2. University Nacional de la Plata, Argentina; 3. University of Melbourne, Australia; 4. University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 5. Forestry University of Sofia, Bulgaria; 6. University of Zagreb, Croatia; 7. Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic; 8. Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic; 9. University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic; 10. University of Goettingen, Germany; 11. University of Hamburg, Germany; 12. University of Thuenen, Ahrenburg, Germany; 13. University of Berlin, Germany; 14. University of Hannover, Germany; 15. Eastern Macedonia & Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece, 16. Hebrew University, Israel; 17. Ben Gurion University, Israel; 18. Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon, Portugal; 19. University of Algarve, Portugal; 20. Instituto Politecnico de Castelo Branco, Portugal; 21. University of Belgrade, Serbia; 22. University of Singidunum, Serbia; 23. University of Novi Sad, Serbia; 24. Constantine the Phylosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia; 25. Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra; 26. Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia; 27. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; 28. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Furthermore, the authors thank Leonor Morais and Helena Almeida (ISA-UL), Alfredo Cravador (Univ. Algarve) and Margarida Ataide (IPCB) for their support in carrying out the survey in Portugal. Finally, Susana Araujo and Jorge A.P. Paiva acknowledge the Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal) for the research contract within the frame of the Programa Ciencia 2008 funded by POPH (QREN) and Gregor Bozic the Slovenian Research Agency for the research contract P4-0107.