Journal article

A single point in protein trafficking by Plasmodium falciparum determines the expression of major antigens on the surface of infected erythrocytes targeted by human antibodies

Jo-Anne Chan, Katherine B Howell, Christine Langer, Alexander G Maier, Wina Hasang, Stephen J Rogerson, Michaela Petter, Joanne Chesson, Danielle I Stanisic, Michael F Duffy, Brian M Cooke, Peter M Siba, Ivo Mueller, Peter C Bull, Kevin Marsh, Freya JI Fowkes, James G Beeson



Funding Acknowledgements

Thanks to all participants in the study. We would like to acknowledge Brian Cooke for provision of the 3D7 SBP1KO isolate, Melanie Rug and Alan Cowman for provision of anti-PfEMP3 antibodies and CS2 SBP1KO parasites, Paul Gilson for provision of anti-HSP70 antibodies, Joe Smith for provision of the rabbit anti-DBL3 antibodies, Gaoqian Feng for assistance with opsonic phagocytosis assays and Simon Crawford for assistance with electron microscopy. Funding was provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (Program grant and Senior research fellowship to JG Beeson, project grant to JG Beeson and SJ Rogerson, Infrastructure for Research Institutes Support Scheme Grant), Australian Postgraduate Award to J Chan, and the Australian Research Council (Future fellowships to JG Beeson and FJI Fowkes, Australian Research fellowship to AG Maier). The authors gratefully acknowledge support for the Burnet Institute from the Victorian Operational Infrastructure Support Program.