Journal article

Alzheimer's disease.

Colin L Masters, Randall Bateman, Kaj Blennow, Christopher C Rowe, Reisa A Sperling, Jeffrey L Cummings

Nat Rev Dis Primers | Published : 2015


Alzheimer's disease is a chronic illness with long preclinical and prodromal phases (20 years) and an average clinical duration of 8-10 years. The disease has an estimated prevalence of 10-30% in the population >65 years of age with an incidence of 1-3%. Most patients with Alzheimer's disease (>95%) have the sporadic form, which is characterized by a late onset (80-90 years of age), and is the consequence of the failure to clear the amyloid-β (Aβ) peptide from the interstices of the brain. A large number of genetic risk factors for sporadic disease have been identified. A small proportion of patients (<1%) have inherited mutations in genes that affect processing of Aβ and develop the disease..

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