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Transforming health professionals into population health change agents

Lucio Naccarella, Iain Butterworth, Timothy Moore



Background. With the recognition that professional education has not kept pace with the challenges facing the health and human service system, there has been a move to transformative education and learning professional development designed to expand the number of enlightened and empowered change agents with the competence to implement changes at an individual, organisation and systems level. Design and Methods. Since 2010, the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria, Australia, in collaboration with The University of Melbourne’s School of Population and Global Health, has delivered seven population health short courses aimed to catalyse participants’ transformation into populat..

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Funding Acknowledgements

this evaluation was funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, North and West, Southern and Eastern Metropolitan Regions, Australia. We particularly thank Dr. lain Butterworth (Manager Liveability and Sustainability, Eastern and Southern Metropolitan Health, Department of Health & Human Services). We also acknowledge the contributions of short course participants who participated in this evaluation, as without their cooperation this work would not have been possible. Contributions: LN, IB, TM have all contributed to drafting of the article and/or revising it for important intellectual content and final approval of the version to he published. LN was responsible for the initial evaluation concept, data collection, analysis and interpretation. IB and TM were responsible for short course concept, evaluation data interpretation and implications. LN. ID and TM all provided important content and gave final approval of the version to he published.