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Wall-drag measurements of smooth- and rough-wall turbulent boundary layers using a floating element

WJ Baars, DT Squire, KM Talluru, MR Abbassi, N Hutchins, I Marusic

Experiments in Fluids | Published : 2016


The mean wall shear stress, $$øverlineτ _w$$ τ ¯ w , is a fundamental variable for characterizing turbulent boundary layers. Ideally, $$øverlineτ _w$$ τ ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors wish to gratefully acknowledge the Australian Research Council for financial support. Appreciation is expressed to Dr. William T. Hambleton for an initial design of the experimental device at OEM Fabricators Inc. (currently Midwest Mechanics, LCC). We would also like to give special thanks to Dr. Ellen K. Longmire for insightful discussions about the measurement procedure.