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The Effects of Tumstatin on Vascularity, Airway Inflammation and Lung Function in an Experimental Sheep Model of Chronic Asthma

Joanne Van der Velden, Louise M Harkness, Donna M Barker, Garry J Barcham, Cathryn L Ugalde, Emmanuel Koumoundouros, Heidi Bao, Louise A Organ, Ana Tokanovic, Janette K Burgess, Kenneth J Snibson

Scientific Reports | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2016


Tumstatin, a protein fragment of the alpha-3 chain of Collagen IV, is known to be significantly reduced in the airways of asthmatics. Further, there is evidence that suggests a link between the relatively low level of tumstatin and the induction of angiogenesis and inflammation in allergic airway disease. Here, we show that the intra-segmental administration of tumstatin can impede the development of vascular remodelling and allergic inflammatory responses that are induced in a segmental challenge model of experimental asthma in sheep. In particular, the administration of tumstatin to lung segments chronically exposed to house dust mite (HDM) resulted in a significant reduction of airway sma..

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