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Australian health policy makers' priorities for research synthesis: a survey

Miranda S Cumpston, Emma J Tavender, Heather A Buchan, Russell L Gruen



OBJECTIVES: Health policy making is complex, but can be informed by evidence of what works, including systematic reviews. We aimed to inform the work of the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) Group by identifying systematic review topics relevant to Australian health policy makers and exploring whether existing Cochrane reviews address these topics. METHODS: We interviewed 30 senior policy makers from State and Territory Government Departments of Health to identify topics considered important for systematic reviews within the scope of health services research, including professional, financial, organisational and regulatory interventions to improve professional pract..

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Funding Acknowledgements

[ "The study was funded by the NHMRC through the National Institute of Clinical Studies, but the views and opinions of the authors do not necessarily reflect those of the NHMRC. HB and ET were employed by the NHMRC at the time of the study, and MC received funding from the NHMRC to work on the study. Additional in-kind support for MC and RG was provided by Monash University. These supporting sources were not involved in study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, or writing the article.", "MC is an employee of the Australasian Cochrane Centre, which is also funded by NHMRC. At the time of the study, the Australasian Cochrane Centre was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. All authors are also authors of systematic reviews for the Cochrane EPOC Group and (except HB) other Cochrane Review Groups. RG is an author of one of the reviews identified as addressing a priority topic in this study." ]