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Carbonyl Halides of the Group VI Transition metals. X. Further dithiocarbamate derivatives of Molybdenum Halocarbonyls

R Colton, GR Scollary

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1968


The changes effected in the stability of molybdenum carbonyl compounds of the types Mo(CO), dtc, and Mo(CO), dtc, (dtc = dialkyldithiocarbamate) and in their carbon monoxide carrying ability, by varying the alkyl group in the dithiocarbamate group, have been investigated. The oxidation of the carbonyl dithiocarbamate complexes by oxygen to the known molybdenum(v) complexes of the type Mo2O3 dtc, is reported. Extensive infrared and mass spectrometric studies on the latter compounds have been carried out. Attempts to isolate the corresponding tungsten compounds have been unsuccessful.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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