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Water molecule dispositions in the cesium sulfate α- and β-alums: single-crystal neutron diffraction studies of csm(SO)

JK Beattie, SP Best

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1993


Room-temperature single-crystal neutron diffraction studies are recorded for two alums, Cs( Rh /V)(SO4)2.12H2O [cubic, Pa3, a 12.357(5) ( Rh ), 12.434(1)Ǻ (V)], residuals 0.037 and 0.068 for 328 and 164 'observed' reflections, with the intention of defining water molecule hydrogen atom orientations. Whereas the two tervalent hexaaqua cations are similar in size [ rM -O = 2.010(6)Ǻ (M = V) and 2.006(2)Ǻ (M = Rh )] the vanadium salt adopts the β alum modification while rhodium gives an α alum. Significantly, the water coordination geometry is different in the two cases with the tilt angle between the plane of the water molecule and the M-O bond vector being 1° (M = V) and 35° (M = Rh )...

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