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Taxonomic Revision of Australian Eutetrarhynchidae Guiart (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha)

I Beveridge

Invertebrate Systematics | Published : 1990


All species of eutetrarhynchid cestodes known from Australian elasmobranch fishes are redescribed and 10 new species are erected. The genera Prochristianella Dollfus, 1946, and Trigonolobium Dollfus, 1929 are reported from the Australian region for the first time. Trigonolobium is described in detail and allocated to the Eutetrarhynchidae Guiart, 1927. The genus Eutetrarhynchus Pintner, 1913 is redefined. E. australis Prudhoe, 1969, and E. geraschmidti Dollfus, 1974 are redescribed. E. leucomelanus (Shipley & Hornell, 1906) and E. michiae (Southwell, 1929) are redescribed from the types and reported for the first time from the Australian region. Five new species of Eutetrarhynchus are descri..

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