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Dual targeting of p53 and c-MYC selectively eliminates leukaemic stem cells

Sheela A Abraham, Lisa EM Hopcroft, Emma Carrick, Mark E Drotar, Karen Dunn, Andrew JK Williamson, Koorosh Korfi, Pablo Baquero, Laura E Park, Mary T Scott, Francesca Pellicano, Andrew Pierce, Mhairi Copland, Craig Nourse, Sean M Grimmond, David Vetrie, Anthony D Whetton, Tessa L Holyoake

Nature | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2016

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by CR-UK

Awarded by Friends of Paul O'Gorman

Awarded by British Society for Haematology

Awarded by Cancer Research UK

Awarded by Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank all CML patients and UK haematology departments who contributed samples; A. Hair for sample processing; J. Cassels for cell sorting; A. Michie and V. Helgason for assisting with the in vivo research and providing cord blood samples; C. Wells, P. Bailey and J. Cole for discussions regarding the RNA-seq analysis. We acknowledge the Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) Glasgow Centre (C596/A18076) and the CR-UK Beatson Institute (C596/A17196) for providing animal care and housing facilities. We acknowledge Constellation Pharmaceuticals for providing CPI-203, CPI-0610 and part funding M.E.D., Roche for providing RG7112, RG7388 and part funding M.E.D. and the SPIRIT Trials Management Group for access to CML samples. This study was supported by the Glasgow and Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC), which are funded by CR-UK and the Chief Scientist's Office (Scotland). We acknowledge the funders who have contributed to this work: MRC stratified medicine infrastructure award (A.D.W.), CR-UK C11074/A11008 (F.P., L.E.M.H., T.L.H., A.D.W.); LLR08071 (S.A.A., E.C.); LLR11017 (M.C.); SCD/04 (M.C.); LLR13035 (S.A.A., K.D., A.D.W. and A. P.); LLR14005; (M.T.S., D.V.); KKL690 (L.E.P.); KKL698 (P.B.); LLR08004 (A.D.W., A.P. and A.J.W.); MRC CiC (M.E.D.); The Howat Foundation (fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) support); Friends of Paul O'Gorman (K.D. and FACS support); ELF 67954 (S.A.A.); British Society for Haematology start-up fund (S.A.A.); MR/K014854/1 (K.D.).