Journal article

The Australian Data-Driven Urban Research Platform: Systems Paper

Richard O Sinnott



Rapid urban growth is occurring across Australia. This has implications for planning and management of cities. Data is key to tackling this. Hitherto, an extensive range of organisations has held the data for Australian cities, crossing government, industry and academia. With the growing demand for open data and capabilities to support big data analytics, new opportunities now exist to rectify this situation. The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) project has been funded to provide seamless, secure access to data from definitive organisations of Australia. We describe the AURIN platform; it's data, together with a representative big data case study.


Funding Acknowledgements

The AURIN technical team includes Christopher Bayliss, Andrew Bromage, Gerson Galang, Philip Greenwood, Dr Glenn Tesla Jayaputera, Davis Mota Marques Luca Morandini, Ghazal Nogoorani, Dr Hossein Pursultani, Muhammad Sarwar, Dr William Voorsluys and Dr Ivo Widjaja. The AURIN project is funded through the Australian Education Investment Fund SuperScience initiative. We gratefully acknowledge their support and the broader network of AURIN collaborators.