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First cysteine-rich repeat in ligand-binding domain of low density lipoprotein receptor binds Ca2 and monoclonal antibodies, but not lipoproteins.

IR van Driel, JL Goldstein, TC Südhof, MS Brown

J Biol Chem | Published : 1987


The ligand binding domain of the low density lipoprotein receptor consists of seven cysteine-rich repeats of approximately 40 amino acids each. These repeats, which are located at the NH2 terminus of the protein, are homologous to sequences in complement components C8 and C9. To determine the role of the first repeat (amino acids 2-42), we prepared two plasmids containing expressible low density lipoprotein receptor cDNAs. The first plasmid, p delta R1, lacks only the nucleotides encoding the first repeat. It produced a receptor that bound and internalized lipoproteins and recycled to the cell surface with the same efficiency as the normal receptor. This deleted receptor failed to bind two m..

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