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The influence of restricted physical contact with pigs during rearing on the sexual behaviour of the male domestic pig

PH Hemsworth, RG Beilharz

Animal Science | Published : 1979


ABSTRACTThree groups of five male pigs (boars) were reared from an early age under various social conditions. The sexual and social behaviour of the boars was studied from 31 to 56 weeks of age. Boars individually reared from 3 to 12 weeks of age in adjacent wire-mesh pens had similar copulatory performance to that of group-reared boars. However, an apparently important component of courting behaviour, ‘nosing activity’, was significantly reduced (P<0·05) amongst those boars individually reared from 3 weeks of age in adjacent wire-mesh pens. Social behaviour appeared to be unaffected by the rearing treatment.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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