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Influence of social conditions during rearing on the sexual behaviour of the domestic boar

PH Hemsworth, RG Beilharz, DB Galloway

Animal | Published : 1977


SUMMARYThree groups of six young male pigs (boars) were reared from 20 days to 7 mo of age under one of the following social conditions: a mixed sex group; an all-male group; or social restriction, without physical and visual contact with other pigs. The sexual behaviour of the boars was studied from 7 to 13 mo of age. The total number of copulations and the sum of all the courting behaviour activities were significantly greater (P<0·01) for the boars reared in the all-male and the mixed sex groups than for those reared in social restriction. Growth rate to 30 weeks of age, testicle size and semen quality were not affected by rearing treatment.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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