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VGLUT3 (vesicular glutamate transporter type 3) contribution to the regulation of serotonergic transmission and anxiety.

Bénédicte Amilhon, Eve Lepicard, Thibault Renoir, Raymond Mongeau, Daniela Popa, Odile Poirel, Stéphanie Miot, Christelle Gras, Alain M Gardier, Jorge Gallego, Michel Hamon, Laurence Lanfumey, Bruno Gasnier, Bruno Giros, Salah El Mestikawy

Journal of Neuroscience | Published : 2010


Three different subtypes of H(+)-dependent carriers (named VGLUT1-3) concentrate glutamate into synaptic vesicles before its exocytotic release. Neurons using other neurotransmitter than glutamate (such as cholinergic striatal interneurons and 5-HT neurons) express VGLUT3. It was recently reported that VGLUT3 increases acetylcholine vesicular filling, thereby, stimulating cholinergic transmission. This new regulatory mechanism is herein designated as vesicular-filling synergy (or vesicular synergy). In the present report, we found that deletion of VGLUT3 increased several anxiety-related behaviors in adult and in newborn mice as early as 8 d after birth. This precocious involvement of a vesi..

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