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A robust robotic high-throughput antibody purification platform.

Peter M Schmidt, Michael Abdo, Rebecca E Butcher, Min-Yin Yap, Pierre D Scotney, Melanie L Ramunno, Genevieve Martin-Roussety, Catherine Owczarek, Matthew P Hardy, Chao-Guang Chen, Louis J Fabri

J Chromatogr A | Published : 2016


Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have become the fastest growing segment in the drug market with annual sales of more than 40 billion US$ in 2013. The selection of lead candidate molecules involves the generation of large repertoires of antibodies from which to choose a final therapeutic candidate. Improvements in the ability to rapidly produce and purify many antibodies in sufficient quantities reduces the lead time for selection which ultimately impacts on the speed with which an antibody may transition through the research stage and into product development. Miniaturization and automation of chromatography using micro columns (RoboColumns(®) from Atoll GmbH) coupled to an automated liquid..

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