Journal article

Sequences show rapid motor transfer and spatial translation in the oculomotor system

Matthew J Stainer, RHS Carpenter, Peter Brotchie, Andrew J Anderson

Vision Research | PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD | Published : 2016


Every day we perform learnt sequences of actions that seem to happen almost without awareness. It has been argued that for learning such sequences parallel learning networks exist - one using spatial coordinates and one using motor coordinates - with sequence acquisition involving a progressive shift from the former to the latter as a sequence is rehearsed. When sequences are interrupted by an out-of-sequence target, there is a delay in the response to the target, and so here we transiently interrupt oculomotor sequences to probe the influence of oculomotor rehearsal and spatial coordinates in sequence acquisition. For our main experiments, we used a repeating sequences of eight targets in l..

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