Book Chapter

Numinous tree and stone: re-animating the Minoan landscape.

S Crooks, C TULLY, LA Hitchcock

METAPHYSIS: Ritual, Myth and Symbolism in the Aegean Bronze Age (Aegaeum 39) | Aegaeum | Peeters | Published : 2016


Iconographic scenes of inferred cultic activity, including the hugging or leaning upon of aniconic stones and the apparent appearance of epiphanic figures in proximity to trees, are suggestive of an animistic conception of the natural world. Architectonic evocations of the numinous sacred landscape, through iconographic representation, cultic paraphernalia, palatial architectural features, extant baetyls and peak sanctuaries, reflect strategies of elite status legitimisation through advertisement of relational associations with landscape. Scenes of epiphanic ritual depicted within apparently natural settings – amongst trees and stones free from architectural elaboration – are suggestive of e..

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