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Congruent patterns of connectivity can inform management for broadcast spawning corals on the Great Barrier Reef

Vimoksalehi Lukoschek, Cynthia Riginos, Madeleine JH van Oppen

MOLECULAR ECOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2016


Connectivity underpins the persistence and recovery of marine ecosystems. The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the world's largest coral reef ecosystem and managed by an extensive network of no-take zones; however, information about connectivity was not available to optimize the network's configuration. We use multivariate analyses, Bayesian clustering algorithms and assignment tests of the largest population genetic data set for any organism on the GBR to date (Acropora tenuis, >2500 colonies; >50 reefs, genotyped for ten microsatellite loci) to demonstrate highly congruent patterns of connectivity between this common broadcast spawning reef-building coral and its congener Acropora millepora (~9..

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