Journal article

PML tumour suppression and beyond: Therapeutic implications

Cristina Gamell, Piotr Jan Paul, Ygal Haupt, Sue Haupt

FEBS LETTERS | WILEY | Published : 2014


Recognition of the tumour suppressive capacity of the Promyelocytic Leukemia protein (PML) has emerged beyond its identification through APL, to a broad spectrum of tumors. This ability has chiefly been linked to its role as a core component of dynamic structures termed PML Nuclear Bodies (PML-NBs). In response to a variety of stresses, key factors and their molecular modifiers are recruited to PML-NBs, where activating modifications are facilitated, leading to a cellular stress response. PML was also found to perform anti-tumourigenic functions through cytoplasmic activities. Surprisingly, important recent research defined growth promoting capabilities of PML, which significantly challenges..

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