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Insulin receptor expression in the Burkitt lymphoma cells Daudi and Raji.

JD Newman, IL Campbell, F Maher, LC Harrison

Mol Endocrinol | Published : 1989


The specific binding of insulin to either intact or Triton-solubilized Daudi cells (a Burkitt lymphoma cell line) was reduced by over 95% compared to that to control IM-9 lymphocytes due to a decrease in receptor number without a change in affinity. Analysis by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography revealed that 125I-labeled Daudi cells had reduced amounts (approximately 1/20th) of immunoprecipitable binding (alpha) subunit [mol wt (Mr), 130,000] of the receptor and a relatively abundant 210,000 Mr form not seen in IM-9 cells. The transmembranous (beta) subunit (Mr, 90,000) of the receptor, although not detected by 125I surface labeling, could be phosp..

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