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Detection of insulin antibodies in newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetic children after "acid-stripping" of sera.

ML Rayner, LC Harrison, IL Campbell, P Heyma, JJ Cook

Diabetes Res | Published : 1987


A sensitive microassay using sera from which endogenous bound insulin was removed by acid-stripping was employed to screen for insulin antibodies in 48 newly-diagnosed Type 1 diabetic children and 20 age-matched controls. Using intact diabetic sera, the binding of 125I-insulin exceeded the upper control range in 16/48 (33%); when the sera were acid-stripped at pH 4.2 for 30 minutes at 4 degrees C, binding to the 16 positive sera increased further and in another five sera became significant, making a total of 21/48 positive (44%). Children 5 years of age or less had a higher prevalence of insulin antibodies. Islet cell antibodies, assayed by indirect immunofluorescence, were detected in equal..

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